Objectives Edit

  • Get Brian's Magazine at PORNOSLAVIA in DOWNTOWN
  • Return to Brian Griffin in the DRUNKEN CLAM in DOWNTOWN

Guide Edit

Leave The Drunken Clam and head east to Pornoslavia. The magazine will be on the check-out counter to the right. Go back to bar and give it to Brian.

Dialogue Edit

Brian Griffin
Oh, hey there, say maybe you can help me out with something. Usually I can control my baser instincts but I've been having these urges and well, I'm a little embarrassed to say the least. Can you grab me a copy of 'Kinky Canine Coeds' from Pornoslavia? They should have it ready when you get there.

Brian Griffin
What are you smiling for, you forgot my smut you douche. Go get it.

Brian Griffin
Wow, Ms. December is a Greyhound...oh yeah here's your reward, I owe you one buddy

Rewards Edit