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The Alcoholic Canine, we know and love

Written by: Lois Pewterschmidt

Brain, is an iconic Family Guy character. Whom, without a doubt will be at Griffin household with in the "Virtual Quahog". If that wasn't enough for you, well then guess what! Brain is going to a playable class. However being in the beta stage, we do not have that much information about how Brian interacts with in the game and how his class will work out.

Confrimations on the Brian Class

Written by: Lois Pewterschmidt

It has been confirmed, via: Family Guy Online Moderator Coffee(MODcoffee). That Brian Class will have to be unlocked by doing somethings with-in the game it'self.....and if they decide to make Family Guy Online a membership to certain access, well sad to say that the Brian Class will probablly get restricted to members :(.