Objectives Edit

  • Get Cologne from QUAGMIRE'S HOUSE in the SUBURBS
  • Get Mouthwash from SWANSON'S HOUSE in the SUBURBS
  • Get a Dinner Jacket at the CLOTHES STORE in the SUBURBS
  • Return to Chris Griffin at the GRIFFIN HOUSE

Guide Edit

Once outside, head left to Quagmire's House. His cologne can be found in the bathroom upstairs on the counter. Back outside, head right to Joe Swanson's House. The mouthwash is straight ahead in the first floor bathroom. Finally, head west to the Clothing Store and get the dinner jacket from the rack. Take it all back to Chris.

Dialogue Edit

Chris Griffin
Good, you're here. I really need your help, I have a date with Ellen tonight and I really like her a lot but I'm afraid she'll shun me for my messy appearance and terrible odour. Do you think you could pick up some things for me so I can really impress her?

Chris Griffin
Oh you're back, and without my items. Are you in a rush to get to work or something?

Chris Griffin
Good job, I'm sure to impress Ellen with my suave new look.

Rewards Edit