"I'm pretty average at most things, but I have an exceptional forearm muscles from years of hair brushing and brief but intense forearm exercises. I'm also a teenager, so I can cause a lot of mayhem and destruction. Especially if some stuffy church elder is telling me I can't dance in my own town. Because it's way too inconvenient to drive somewhere else to dance. "
— The first-person description of Chris and Meg in the Chris & Meg Class.

Christopher Cross "Chris" Griffin is a main character in Family Guy and a character in Family Guy Online. Chris is the fourteen-year-old middle child of the Griffin family. He is voiced by Seth Green.

Family Guy Online

Class Features

  • Thick Skinned - Years of being picked on enables them to take a moderate amount of abuse.
  • Spaz Attack - Prone to volatile mood swings, they have a number of devastating attacks.
  • Self-Sufficient - Fairly independent and able to take care of themselves in most situations.
  • Awkward - Being a klutz adds an element of surprise.