Crippletron is a public task that can be repeated any time. It can be found in Big Pete's House of Munch in Downtown.


  • Defeat 50 crippled men in Big Pete's House of Munch
  • Head to the roof (the door is found in the back of the restraunt)
  • Defeat Crippletron


  • It would be recomended that you bring along a friend or two, as not many players can be seen doing the quest (as opposed to Human Liberation), and it can be long and brutal on your own
  • Try to use long range attacks to draw one of the cripplemen over to you


Crippled Homeless Men- not a very big threat, can be identified by white beard

Crippled BodyBuidler-Stronger than the other enemies, can be identified by green hat on his head

Steven Hawkin- weakest enemy