Beta Test Feed BackEdit

Written by: Lois Pewterschmidt
Game peter

Outside the Griffen house during beta

The game's first stages are kinda ify, but are still an extremly great game....I was going to write a specific paragraph about all of the things with in the game that are "flaky", but I honestly have to belive that they are in know way,shape, or form "flaky". I say this becasue I have seen games such as: "Winx Club: Garden of Charmix", that use Unity Web-Player, and they were all ready released for public use...however in comparison. The beta was netter than the finished version of any other Unity-Web game I have played before...and their are not too many words to describe this, so I will simply upload a few pictures.

Here is a slide show with a few of the Beta Pictures I have:
  • An upgraded character selector
  • Me outside of the Griffon House
  • My Main Character, Who is Lois Class
  • More Screens and News will be brought to you as they come