Objectives Edit

  • Go to the HOTEL in DOWNTOWN
  • Defeat Peter Griffin
  • Return to Lois Griffin in DOWNTOWN

Guide Edit

Go northwest to the Hotel.

Note: Be sure to select "Combat - Fuzzy Orange Feetie Pajamas" when entering.

Once inside, you'll have to fight Peter in his pajamas. He'll have some powerful static electricity attacks, so be sure to use healing abilities if you're low on health. Once you've defeated him, go tell Lois.

Dialogue Edit

Lois Griffin
Peter has been rampaging around town shocking people with the help of his Fuzzy Orange Feetie Pajamas. He's gone and set himself up like some sort of villain in the Hotel downtown, I need you to go and beat the pajamas off of him.

Lois Griffin
What the hell? You aren't done, get outta here!

Lois Griffin
Great job! Now we can finally put the carpet back in the house.

Rewards Edit