Objectives Edit

  • Go to the GYMNASIUM in James Woods High School in SUBURBS
  • Get the Cheerleader's Megaphone in the GYMNASIUM
  • Defeated 0 of 6 Cheerleaders in the GYMNASIUM
  • Return the Megaphone to Stewie in the SUBURBS

Guide Edit

Head west to James Woods High. Near the back of the gymnasium, you will find six cheerleaders and the megaphone. The cheerleaders will not attack you until you get the megaphone. Even if you grab it, you cannot complete the mission until they're all defeated, so it's best to take them out one by one first. Once everything is done, bring the megaphone back to Stewie.

Dialogue Edit

Stewie Griffin
The Cheerleaders I observed at James Woods High School seem to have some sort of mind-control over the onlookers in the crowd. I believe the focus of this power to be the Megaphone! Obtain the Megaphone for me in the gym of James Woods High School.

Stewie Griffin
Go get my megaphone and finish off those Cheerleaders before I drop your ass!

Stewie Griffin
Quest Completed, Good Job

Rewards Edit