Objectives Edit

  • Speak with Jim Kaplan at the CLOTHES STORE in the SUBURBS
  • Return the Hat to Stewie behind the GRIFFIN HOUSE on SPOONER STREET

Guide Edit

Go west to the Clothes Store. Once inside, speak to Jim Kaplan at the counter and he'll give you the hat. Bring it back to Stewie for your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Stewie Griffin
I'm really hyped to go to this Newport Fashion show to catch Lauren Conrad's new fashion line. However the magnificent hat I ordered was delivered erroneously to the Clothes Store, retrieve it post-haste for me!

Stewie Griffin
What the hell man, go get my hat! Don't come back till you get it.

Jim Kaplan
Here you go.

Stewie Griffin
Thanks friend now I can strut in pride

Rewards Edit