Objectives Edit

  • Get some Scrap Nylon from outside the LITTER CLAM PRE-SCHOOL in the SUBURBS
  • Get a Propane Tank outside the ABANDONED HOUSE in the SUBURBS
  • Get a Flint Spark Lighter from the BBQ from behind the SWANSON HOUSE in the SUBURBS
  • Return to Peter Griffin in front of the GRIFFIN HOUSE in the SUBURBS

Guide Edit

Head west to the Little Clam Preschool. The scrap nylon will be in a cardboard box just outside the door. Next, go south to the Abandoned House and get the propane tank in the yard. Finally, go back north to Joe Swanson's House. In the fenced in backyard, past the pool, you'll find a BBQ grill. The lighter is on the grill. Take all three of the items back to Peter.

Dialogue Edit

Peter Griffin
I don't like to give up on my dreams and just because my first Indoor Hot Air Balloon didn't work out so well doesn't mean that I won't give it another try. Go gather me these supplies to make a new balloon.

Peter Griffin
What are you doing back here without the stuff I need, get back to work slacker!

Peter Griffin
Alright, great job. Now get the hell out of here so I can take all the credit.

Rewards Edit