Objectives Edit

  • Travel to DOWNTOWN
  • Get the video in the DRUNKEN CLAM in DOWNTOWN
  • Return to Dr. Hartman at his house in the SUBURBS

Guide Edit

Go Downtown. Head right inside The Drunken Clam. The video will be in a booth near the back right of the bar. Take it back to Dr. Hartman in Spooner Street.

Dialogue Edit

Dr. Hartman
I'm all set to do this Leg Transplant surgery but I seem to have forgotten the How-To video somewhere. I think it may be at the Drunken Clam, think you could go and find it for me, I'm a bit hung over right now.

Dr. Hartman
Where is the video, why are you here then?

Dr. Hartman
Great job, thanks buddy! You happen to need a slightly used spleen?

Rewards Edit