"I'm very tough, and I know lady karate, which is just like regular karate, except with a lot more crying and behind-the-scenes name-calling. I'm good at healing my teammates, and I'm also useful if your on one of those softball leagues where you need to have a girl on your team or you forfeit. I can chuck a mean frying pan, though."
—The first-person description in the Lois Class.

Lois Griffin (née Pewterschmidt) is a main character in Family Guy and a character in Family Guy Online. Lois is the forty-two year-old mother of Chris, Meg and Stewie Griffin and the wife of Peter Griffin.

Family Guy Online

Class Features

  • Skilled Fighter - Trained in Tae-Jitsu and the art of 'Foxy-Boxing'.
  • Pretty Tough - Moms can put up with a lot of crap.
  • Provider - Always ready to heal wounds with a kiss and hot bowl of chicken soup!