"You ever play "Street Fighter"? I'm like E Honda, but without all the Asian business. I'm like E Ford, I fight ya up close, I ain't gonna do none of them fancy jumpin' around move, but I'm tough, and I can take a lot of punishment. I'm like one of Gary Oldman's girlfriends. I mean, I haven't heard of any rumors about him, but he seems like a lady puncher, don't he?" - The description of Peter in the Peter Class.


Health: 140

Energy: 90

Defense: 45

Class FeaturesEdit

  • Very Tough - That doughy padding isn't just for show! (Very high amount of health that goes hand in hand with the Center of Attention feature).
  • Throws Weight Around - Obesity has its benefits, like being able to strike many foes at once. (Can cause damage to multiple enemies at once).
  • Center of Attention - Being loud and boisterous gets them noticed. (Will divert attention and aggression from all enemies).
  • Gassy - Dads take flatulence to a whole new level. (Has a multitude of attacks that are, hence the name and description, flatulence based).

Class Description & Fighting TipsEdit

The Peter Class plays the Tank role in Family Guy Online, meaning as a Peter Class you get all the attention from enemies and make them attack you while the others attack them harm free. The reason for that is Peter has good defense and can take a lot of damage so a good technique to easily beating eneimies is having a Lois Class and a Stewie Class with you, while you grab the attention and use AOE* attacks, the Lois Class can heal you and the Stewie Class can deal extra damage from far away without taking away any attention from you.




Description Level
Dad Punch Dad Punch Attack dealing 5 damage and builds 10 energy 1
Noxious Belch Noxious Belch Stun dealing 12 damage that lasts 4 seconds costing 30 energy 1
Belly Bash Belly Bash Knockout attack dealing 10 damage and builds 20 energy 2
Kidney Punch Kidney Punch Attack dealing 20 damage costing 15 energy 4
Shit Faced Shit Faced Heals yourself for 35 hit points costing 30 energy 6
In Your Face In Your Face Ranged taunt (Also builds 20 energy) 8
Sumo Shove Sumo Shove AOE dealing 20 damage costing 20 energy 10
Jar of Bees Jar of Bees Ranged Damage Over Time that does 25 damage over 5 seconds costing 35 energy 12
Face Plant Face Plant Area Of Effect stun dealing 10 damage, lasts 5 seconds costing 30 energy 14
Crop Dusting Crop Dusting AOE DOT that does 30 damage over 4 seconds costing 60 energy 16

AOE* - Area Of Effect (An attack that deals damage to multiple enemies at once)

DOT** - Damage Over Time


  • The Kidney Punch ability's description in Family Guy Online says it costs only 10 energy though actually it costs 15 energy.
  • The In Your Face ability's description in Family Guy Online does not state that it builds energy though it is proven that it builds 20 energy once used.
  • The Noxious Belch ability starts out only dealing 12 damage and later on also stuns for 4 seconds.