Objectives Edit

  • Get the Popsicles from QUAHOG MARKET in DOWNTOWN
  • Get the Roofies from the Drug Dealer behind the POLICE STATION in DOWNTOWN
  • Get the Mallet from the Tool Box at the CONSTRUCTION SITE in DOWNTOWN
  • Return to Herbert in DOWNTOWN

Guide Edit

Go southeast to the Quahog Market. The popsicles can be located in the back of the store. Go back outside and head back northwest toward the Quahog Police Station. Around the back (north side), you'll find a drug dealer. Talk to him to get the roofies. Go back east to the Construction Site. In the back right corner, there will be a red tool box. The mallet is inside, so grab the tool box. Once you have everything, head back west to Herbert to complete the task.

Note: You do not have to collect the items in the order the game lists them. It's quickest to get them in this order: popsicles, mallet, roofies.

Dialogue Edit

Well hey there, would you mind doing a favor for an old man? You see, I need some very special supplies to catch a very rare African bird called "Nunyabusiness". Think you could go around town and collect these things for me?

What are you doing back here? You're not getting this money strapped to my inner thigh without getting me those items first!

Teen Drug Dealer
Here's the..., uh, medicine you wanted. Don't tell my mom that you saw me here.

Thank you so much, I'm off to the daycare!

Rewards Edit