Objectives Edit

  • Use the WORLD MAP to go DOWNTOWN
  • Get a Kimono at DAS GYM in DOWNTOWN
  • Get White Face Paint at GOLDMAN'S PHARMACY in DOWNTOWN
  • Get a pair of "Geta" Sandals at the ALL GAY XXX CLUB in DOWNTOWN
  • Get a Kabuki Wig from the back room of the DRUNKEN CLAM in DOWNTOWN
  • Return to Quagmire in his house in the SUBURBS

Guide Edit

Go Downtown.

You'll start out in front of The Drunken Clam. Head down the street east, then north. Go into Das Gym and grab the kimono, which will be on the desk immediately to the left. Go back outside and head northwest. Inside Goldman's Pharmacy, the white face paint is on the counter to the right in the middle of the room. Now head way southeast. In the All Gay XXX club, you'll find the sandals on one of the tables to the right. Back outside once more, run northwest back to The Drunken Clam. Once inside, head straight ahead into the back room and nab the wig sitting on some barrels to the right.

Once you have all four items, go back to Spooner Street and give them to Quagmire.

Note: You do not have to collect the items in the order the game lists them. It's quickest to get them in this order: wig, face paint, kimono, sandals.

Dialouge Edit

I have a hot date with a Japanese woman and I want to impress her with some traditional japanese Kabuki garb and makeup so I can seal the deal. Help me out!

You aren't done yet, geez you're a bigger loser than Brian. Get back out there and get me that Kabuki gear!

Great job getting all that Kabuki gear for me, I really owe you one friend!

Rewards Edit