Objectives Edit

  • Collect 0 of 20 Lock Tumblers
  • Defeated 0 of 40 escaped prisoners

Guide Edit

Inside the Quahog Police Station, you'll have to work together with other players to fight the escaped prisoners. It's quicker for everyone to spread out than to have everyone fight the same prisoner. Keep an eye out for lock tumblers, which are tiny and golden in color. Prisoners drop them, and they're also randomly placed around the station. Once both objectives have been met, head to the far left corner (from the entrance) and go through the door. Go to the evidence room and click on the door to open it (any player can open it). Inside, you'll have to fight three tough enemies. Group up on one at a time and the battle should go without incident. Once everything is finished, the task will be completed immediately.

While this task can be completed solo, it's exceptionally quicker to do it with other players. If you find yourself alone, consider leaving and coming back when more people are playing.

Dialogue Edit

Three of the worst criminals in Quahog have escaped and locked themselves in the Evidence Room. Find the missing pieces of the lock tumblers and subdue the prisoners.

Ok, you have enough pieces of the lock tumbler to fix the lock.

(tumbler dialogue)

Defeat Steve Bellows, The Berserk Hobo and John the Biter!

(victory dialogue)

Rewards Edit

* The amount of XP and Clams you earn depend on how high you rank among the other people participating in the task.
** You will only be allowed to select one of these rewards. You will have to complete this task multiple times to get all of them. You will always get a free Quahog Police Academy Application Form for completing the task.