There are currently a total of 22 Quick Pops.

Image Quick Pop Description Screenshot
Qpspooner1 Racist Sunflower Spooner Street is a little bit more friendly now that you've done away with that Racist Sunflower, good riddance! click
Located: Spooner Street, east of the Abandoned House.
Qpspooner2 Dirt Bike Anthem The "Stars and Stripes" as heard through the engine of a Dirt Bike. click
Located: Spooner Street, south of the Clothes Store in the baseball field.
Qpspooner3 Victorian Ghost Dinner Guest You have discovered the ghost of a child who was drowned in a well...good for you. click
Located: In The Griffins' House, on the table in the kitchen.
Qpspooner4 Midget In The Well Congratulations, you managed to save a midget from a well. No one really cares though, not like you rescued a helpless child. Just a gross midget. click
Located: Spooner Street, straight north from Herbert's House.
Qpspooner5 Birthday Card From Cleveland Peter's Birthday card from Cleveland Brown, he's probably fine... click
Located: In The Griffins' House, on the end table next to the television in the living room.
Qpdowntown1 Cookie Monster's Bathroom Fix Seems you've stumbled upon Cookie Monster getting a raw cookie dough fix in the bathroom. click
Located: In The Drunken Clam., inside a bathroom stall in the back of the building.
Qpdowntown2 Finding Jesus Looks like you've found the son of God, just don't let it go to your head... click
Located: In Dead Format Records, standing at the checkout counter.
Qpspooner6 Herbert's Confessional You've done an old man a dubious favor, don't worry we won't tell anyone. click
Located: In the Church, in the middle confession box.
Qpspooner7 Seamus' Great Balls Of Fire Seamus sure is a master of the Organ as evidenced by his rendition of Great Balls of Fire. click
Located: In the Church, on the stage next to the organ.
Qpspooner8 Alan Rickman's Answering Machine It would seem you have reached Alan Rickman, please leave a message. click
Located: In the Clothes Store, on a dresser.
Qpspooner9 British News You're not even sure this news is real or that these places even exist. click
Located: In The Griffins' House, on a table in the living room.
Qpspooner10 Tell Lance It's Off Well it seems Peter was a little late in communicating to Lance that revenge on the popular kids was off. click
Located: Spooner Street, just south of James Woods High nearby some bushes.
Qpspooner11 Chuck Berry's Tasty Juice Ad A taste of Tasty Juice's new spokesman. click
Located: In Kyle's House, in Kyle's room (where you fought him) on his dresser.
Qpspooner12 Palestinian Alarm Clock Might be time for a new Alarm Clock. click
Located: In The Griffins' House, in the master bedroom on the end table next to the bed.
Qpdowntown3 Brian's Smoked Meat Log Care to taste Brian's Smoked Meat Log? click
Located: In the Italian Deli, right on the counter.
Qpdowntown4 Late Night Persian Radio You've tuned into 103.2 FM, The "Huaghh". click
Located: Downtown, just south of the Hotel near the newsstand.
Qpspooner13 Herbert's Boy's Club Stand You discovered Herbert's Boys Club Stand, stick around for a free shoulder rub and a glass of wine. click
Located: Spooner Street, in the front yard of Herbert's House.
Qpdowntown6 Startled Flock Of Jews You have startled a flock of Jews. They'll be back, and in greater numbers. click
Located: Downtown, on the northwest street corner from Das Gym.
Qpdowntown5 Naughty Flapper Girl Oh, Hot! She's Voting! click
Located: Pornoslavia, near the back.
Drunk Newscast
Mayor West Rug
Susie Swanson's Inner Voice
Located:Swanson's House
IED Turkey Griffin House IED Turkey Discovered Griffin's IED Turkey! Find all ten of us here in SPOONER STREET! click
Located:Griffin's House, on the dinner table
IED Turkey Quagsmire's IED Turkey Discovered Quagsmire's IED Turkey! Find all ten of us here in SPOONER STREET! click
Located: Inside Quagsmire's House, on his bed.
IED Turkey Swanson's Pollside IED Turkey Discovered the Swanson's Pollside IED Turkey! Find all ten of us here in SPOONER STREET! click
Located: Behind Swanson's House, near the pool.
IED Turkey Church IED Turkey Discovered the Church's IED Turkey! Find all ten of us here in SPOONER STREET! click
Located: On the right side of the church entrance door.
IED Turkey Hugs & Kisses Daycare IED Turkey Discovered the Hugs's & Kisses Daycare IED Turkey! Find all ten of us here in SPOONER STREET! click
Located: on a Yellow and black bench near the sand.
IED Turkey Prospect Heights IED Turkey Discovered the Prospect Heights IED Turkey! Find all ten of us here in SPOONER STREET! click
Located: On the doorstep of the blue house in the corner , near Dr. Hatman's House.