Objectives Edit

  1. Get a Fir tree log across the street from the Griffin House in SPOONER STREET
  2. Get a 30 foot Rope by the well in SPOONER STREET
  3. Get a Jaunty Feathered Cap at Herbert's Stand in SPOONER STREET
  4. Return to Chris Griffin in his room at the GRIFFIN HOUSE

Guide Edit

Head outside of The Griffins' House. The fir tree log is right across the street. The 30 foot rope is to the north near the well. The jaunty feathered cap is directly to the south on Herbert's stand. Once you've collected all three items, head back inside The Griffin's House and give the items to Chris Griffin.

Dialogue Edit

Iconchris Go get me the supplies to build a restrained log trap.
Iconchris You haven't collected all the supplies I need. You're a major disappointment, like that movie "The Girl Next Door." Elisha Curthbert plays a porn star, and we don't even get to see her boobs?! What the hell?! It's just two hours of Emile Hirsch! No! Back to work, you!
Iconchris Great job, thanks for getting all the stuff I needed!

Rewards Edit