Objectives Edit

  • Find Mayor West's Cat in GOLDMAN'S PHARMACY in DOWNTOWN
  • Find Mayor West's Cat in the DRUNKEN CLAM in DOWNTOWN
  • Find Mayor West's Cat in QUAHOG MARKET in DOWNTOWN
  • Good job, return to Mayor West in DOWNTOWN

Guide Edit

Head west to Goldman's Pharmacy. The cat will be sitting on the floor to the right. Go back outside and go south to The Drunken Clam. You'll find this cat right on the bar near the bartender. Finally, leave and head southeast to the Quahog Market. Way in the back left corner of the store you'll find the last cat. Once you have all three, take them back to Mayor West.

Dialogue Edit

Mayor West
Welcome citizen to the City of Quahog! I'm glad to see that the 'Key to the City' is in good hands. Perhaps you can aid me, I've lost track of my cats while I was chasing down a pizza man that messed up my order. Think you can be a good citizen and help me find them?

Mayor West
You! What are you doing back here? Get my cats damn it!

Mayor West
Well done, but where is 'Paul' damn it get out there and find my cat!

Rewards Edit