Objectives Edit

  • Find Mayor West's Cat 'Paul' in the TOWN HALL in DOWNTOWN
  • Return to Mayor West in DOWNTOWN.

Guide Edit

Go straight north into the Town Hall. Head up the stairs and through either the left or right door (they both lead to the same place). Head right down the hallway and go through the only open door. Paul will be sitting on the chair of Mayor West's desk. Take the cat back to Mayor West.

Dialogue Edit

Mayor West
You have done very well in finding my cats, however the most important of them all 'Paul' is still out there, missing...alone. Please bring 'Paul' back for me!

Mayor West
Get out there and find Paul! He's still all alone out there. What if he's hungry?

Mayor West
Thank you citizen for returning 'Paul' to me! You are definitely a Model Citizen. I may have more tasks for you to do in the future so look for me as you explore Quahog. 'Paul'...what a silly name for a cat...that's a person's name...

Rewards Edit