Objectives Edit

  • Trashed 0/8 of Lois' signs in the SUBURBS
  • Return to Peter Griffin in SPOONER STREET

Guide Edit

Lois' campaign signs are all over Spooner Street in the front yards of houses. There's plenty of them, but keep in mind any player can break the signs. If you find a broken one, it won't count toward the total. The signs fix themselves after a while, so don't worry about there not being enough to complete the task. Once you've gotten all eight, go back and tell Peter.

Note: This task can be repeated once every twelve hours.

Dialogue Edit

Peter Griffin
Can you believe this? Everyone is supporting Lois for Mayor! I need you to do me a favor, go around the SUBURBS and smash Lois' signs for me that oughta bring her back down to Earth.

Peter Griffin
You haven't finished trashing those signs yet, get to work slacker!

Peter Griffin
That's half the signs, keep up the good work.

Peter Griffin
(all signs broken dialogue)

Peter Griffin
Thanks buddy I owe you one!

Rewards Edit